Ashton Medical Group supports and delivers NHS Research

Our research team have been giving their patient population the opportunity to participate in Clinical Research trials of all types for more than 10 years. Now that the Practice merger has taken place, this gives the whole 34,000 population under Ashton Medical Group that opportunity going forward. Ashton Medical Group will continue to work with the Research arm of the NHS, the National Institute for Health Research, to promote clinical research and offer our patients the opportunity to take part in ethically approved research studies.

Research has always been at the heart of the NHS. Through research we are able to continually improve treatments and discover the best ways to prevent, diagnose and manage illnesses. It also helps us understand how to best focus NHS resources where they will be most effective.

As a patient, you may at times be offered the opportunity to be involved in research studies which Ashton Medical Group has agreed to support. The Practice’s level of involvement may range from simply having identified a suitable group of people from our database for an external researcher, to being a site recruiting to a global Randomised Controlled Trial of a new medication or treatment and providing all of the study visits and activity on-site.

We are one of the most Research active Primary Care sites in Greater Manchester/Cheshire, with a highly interested and involved Patient Population. There are many benefits of participating in Research – please find more to read about that in our ‘Information and Links’ section

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