Practice Charter

The charter informs you of what you can expect from your surgery and doctors, and, in return, your obligations as a patient to help ensure that these standards are maintained for you and other patients.

Appointment system

I can expect to be given an appointment to see a doctor or nurse on the day of request if I have an urgent problem; in this case there is no guarantee as to which doctor I can see and I may have a wait to be seen.

I can be informed of any delay, eg if a surgery is running late by asking a receptionist.

I will have the opportunity to consult another doctor, or be offered another appointment if preferred, if the doctor I have booked to see has to deal with an emergency, or is unavailable due to unforeseen circumstances.

If the doctor I wish to consult is not available on the day of my choice, then I will be offered an appointment with another doctor if available, or an alternative appointment with my chosen doctor.

Looking after my health

We place an emphasis on discussing with you ways of taking responsibility for maintaining your own health as far as possible and therefore:

  • I can consult a doctor or nurse by appointment during routine surgery times to get advice about my general health
  • I should receive an invitation to have a health check at the surgery if I have recently registered as a patient

Obtaining prescriptions

If I have a medical condition which requires a repeat prescription, it usually will be ready for collection in 48 hours.

Home visits

I can expect to receive a home visit if clinically necessary on the day of request, or on a subsequent day if appropriate. Requests should be made before 10.00am as far as possible. The doctor may call you to triage the request. There is no guarantee which doctor will visit me.

I understand that in the time it takes for the doctor to see one patient at home, he/she can see FIVE patients in the surgery, and so I must try to see the doctor in the surgery whenever possible.

My obligations as a patient

  • I must make requests for repeat prescriptions in good time
  • I accept that help and advice of non-urgent conditions should be dealt with during normal surgery hours
  • I will respect advice on treatment, although I am free to reject the advice if, after consideration, I feel unable to accept it
  • I should make every effort to be on time for appointments, and I should notify the practice in advance if I cannot keep the appointment or I if I am going to be late.
  • I will not smoke in the surgery building
  • I should treat all the staff at the practice with courtesy
  • I understand that it is not the receptionist’s fault if the surgery is running late. This is usually due to patients having a problem which takes more time than usual to sort out, but sometimes due to patients turning up late and delaying other patients

Comments, suggestions and complaints

I can make a comment, suggestion or complaint by leaving a note with a receptionist.

When I visit the surgery

The surgery will be clean and well decorated, and I will endeavour to keep it this way for others.

My privacy and dignity will always be respected

The surgery will have facilities to help disabled people and for keeping children occupied.

I can always know to whom I am speaking when I telephone or visit the surgery.

My medical records

The practice team will keep my medical records confidential.

If I wish to see my medical records I must consult with the practice manager with a view to being informed about my rights under the Access to Health Records Act 1990.

As a patient I can expect

  • To be registered with a doctor.
  • To change doctors quickly and easily.
  • To have emergency care available at all times.
  • To have appropriate drugs and medicines prescribed.
  • To be referred to an appropriate specialist acceptable to me when the doctor thinks it necessary and to be referred for a second opinion where I and the family practitioner agree that this is desirable.
  • To receive a copy of the doctor’s booklet setting out the services the practice provides.